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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Satta Hashem, Painter and Muralist

Satta Hashem a fantastic UK based painter and muralist launches an online gallery of his fabulous works. The online flash interactive gallery presents over a thousand of his paintiings and can be viewed individually or as a slideshow. Also available on the site is his CV, which shows the full extent of the exhibitions and work he does in Leicestershire, UK.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Swopper ya chair - Designer's Choice

Sitting for hours on an office chair in the design studio, will no longer be the back-breaking chore it once was. Not if you get yourself a "swopper".
The "swopper" supports and encourages alternating postures and movements, ensuring the user is always sitting in the proper position, while strengthening their abdominal and back muscles. Keeping the spine and inter-vertebral discs fit, the "swopper" stimulates circulation and prevents wear of the joints.

Barefoot Studio, a body management company based in Wales, is now the sole UK agent of Aeris' the "swopper": the first seat of its kind designed to adapt to movement in every direction - forward, backward, sideways and vertically, virtually eliminating backache and tension.

The "swopper", designed by German engineer Josef Glockl and his Physical Therapist wife Dorothea Prodinger-Glock, has won awards for function and design, including the 'Seal of Quality' from the Healthy Back Action Committee and 'Best for Innovation and Gold Award' in the office chair category.

If you are interested in chair design, it's also worth visiting the swopper site, where you can find further technical details.