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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Answer Bank

The principle of the AnswerBank is simple - ask a question in any of their subject categories and fellow contributors will supply the answers.

The questions can be practical, like 'where can I find a webpage on improving clarity and readibility?' or they can be about something you have always wanted to ask but never dared. The options are endless.

The best sections for Designers would be Arts and Literature and Jobs. but the site can act as inspiration for many other things. We find it useful for tracking down a song from an advert you like and for doing design research. It's UK site that we are sharing with the world and you'll fiind it's UK orientated but still useful to the world wide web.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

PANTONE launch 125 new colours

PANTONE have just announced the availability of 125 new speciality colours. The new PANTONE metallic formula guide features 97 new metallic shades and the PANTONE pastel formula guide features 28 new pastel colours. Designers, printers and their clients now have more choice of colour.
It seems as though the 'painters' at PANTONE are busy developing many new products recently. It was only last month they announced 'Huey', a monitor calibration device. As many of us graphic designers know they are the biggest in colour and it's worth keeping an eye on their new product collections.

Think differently! Designers of the Month

A design Gallery that can be showcased as a great inspiration to all in the industry.
This 'furniture focused' Design Gallery showcase items of a difference. Established in 1983 with offices specialising in design research.
Some of the products are a treasure to view. Like the Catena Wall Clock from Designer Andrea Dober (pictured). The numbers are positioned along a chain that moves around the central gear to mark out what the time is.
They also showcase great jewellery and lighting designs.
The site and designs serve as great inspiration.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Chartered Society of Designers - Announces New Headquarters

As of 1st February 2006 the Chartered Society of Designers will be operating from its new offices at:

1 Cedar Court
Royal Oak Yard
Bermondsey Street

The expansion of the Society's activities over the past few years and the development of The Design Association made it necessary to seek new premises that offered more space.

CSD Chief Executive, Frank Peters, commented that "this is an important move in terms of our future development and the purchase of our own property for the first time in our history is testimony to the support and effort of our members.
It is a magnificent way to mark our 75th year of operation by building on the future."

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Graphics Imperative

The Graphic Imperative website is now live. The Graphic Imperative is a select retrospective of forty years of international socio-political posters. Themes include dissent, liberation, racism, sexism, human rights, civil rights, environmental and health concerns, AIDS, war, literacy and tolerance - collectively providing a window to an age of great change. Focusing on the issues of our turbulent times, these 121 posters endeavour to show the social, political and aesthetic concerns of many cultures in a single exhibition through delineating themes and contrasting political realities. For more information and to order the 80-page colour catalogue for the exhibition, please visit: http://www.thegraphicimperative.org

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

When pictures slant for no reason!

We really liked that sentence, it could make a great documentary title. We needed to put it somehwere so as to remember it. So where better than on here. Bit wacky, but so is everything else on Paper-Clipping.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Seiko creates E Ink wrist watch

Seiko has announced an ultra-slim watch featuring an electrophoretic display (EPD) that will be available in March 2006.

Called the Spectrum, the limited edition (only 500 are being made) watch features a microcapsule-type Electrophoresis display module, offering a thin flexible design that could bend around your wrist.

Seiko is promoting the benefits of the watch as having a high contrast display of pure black and pure white particles, which allow the same contrast as on a printed page and twice the contrast of a LCD panel.

The company is also boasting a thin design, low power consumption because you don't need a backlight and no restrictions in size.

The watch is the result of a joint development effort, combining 'Electronic Ink' technology developed by E Ink Corporation in the USA and Seiko Epson's advanced display manufacturing and electronic circuitry techniques.
Expect more articles on the new E-ink to occur.

The watch will cost around £1000 when it is released next year.