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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Skeletal Systems - by Michael Paulus

Check out the skeletal origins of some of your favorite cartoons characters. Michael Paulus took a few of these popular characters and rendered their skeletal systems as he imagined they might resemble. Makes you wonder what would happen if we did have eye sockets half the size of our heads? Amusing and sureal. His other work is also worth seeing.


If you haven't visited it yet. You must visit the postsecret blog. View peoples secrets on postcards. As shown. You'll spend hours looking and reading. Please be warned some of them are a little shocking. But all are eye openers into other peoples worlds. Very arty concept.

Alive in Joburg - great concept film

From the designers and creators of the Citroen Transformer advert.
Comes a very strange short film by Neill Blomkamp. The film (Alive in Joburg) explores the concept of segregation, apartheid and what it means to be considered "alien". It's very clever and well worth viewing if your into computer graphics and clever ideas. Be warned the file is 75meg and takes some downloading.