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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Make your own cosmetics and soap

We are about to enter a new era of people making their own cosmetics. Similar to how we all got involved in making our own dinners with herbs and spices throughout the 90's. We have all become more aware of what we are putting onto our bodies. Why not take control of what chemicals you put on your body by understanding what goes into making cosmetics. Tender Essence is a company that inspires everyone to make your own cosmetics. They have a range of articles on their blog. All articles use natural ingredients, especially essential oils.
They have a great starter guide for using essential oils here.
You can also learn how to make wonderful soaps using just kitchen ingredients like dried mint, paprika, oats and cling film to make gorgeous soaps.
Tender Essence advocates the use of essential oils and natural ingredients. They sell most of the ingredients you need and all items are vegan and vegetarian safe. Nothing is tested on animals, so they are one seriously ethical British company.