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Monday, November 13, 2006

Flash - Web and Interface Design

Flash has come a long way since 1996, when it was purchased by Macromedia. Back then you would use it for basic animation and website intros. It now boasts a range of uses through it's fully developed programming language 'Actionscript' (based around Javascript). You can produce anything from a website to an online application using Flash 8.

Macromedia developed the program to take full advantage of the, ever-increasing, interactive media market. The tool has come a long way and is now classed as a tool that most website designers should know how to use. The coding side can become very complex, as it's powerful enough to make games with the software. The program is unlike many other web design programs, it uses linear progression to plan out a website (much like a movie) unlike other web design programs that would use, the better, flow chart method (with multiple avenues for the user to take).
Despite its backward methods, the program is powerful now and can make nearly any GUI (Graphical User Interface). A free 30 day trial of the software can be had from the new owners (Adobe).

Click here for Flash free trial.