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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Articles on the negative aspects of speculative work

All about the negative aspects of producing speculative work to win commissions. Their site mission statement is '...to unite those who support the notion that spec work devalues the potential of design and ultimately does a disservice to the client.' They give Ten Reasons for their theory. However the site is 'very' negative. They have good points, but it seems like a lot of designers getting on their soap box. Despite that, we would recommend taking a visit as some of the one liners used in the articles might come in handy for 'that' awkward client. In particular the article on 'Speculative Presentations', we would go as far as saying this was one of the best articles we've ever read on the pitfalls of doing speculative work or what we like to call 'try before you buy'. Hopefully someone will add a positive swing on speculative work for the site, so that they can see both sides of the fence.