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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Macromedia Studio 8, but where's Freehand?

With the latest releases of Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks, Studio 8 offers web designers and developers a new level of expressiveness, BUT WITHOUT FREEHAND.
As many graphic designers know, the world of design software has recently been turned on it's head with the merger of Adobe and Macromedia. Since the merger many designers have waited to see what would arise from this.

Would Dreamweaver be merged with GoLive?
Would Freehand disappear in place of illustrator?

It seems that the last question had some truth. With the release of Macromedia Studio 8 we see the demise of Freehand. To put salt in our wounds the site doesn't even mention it's absence.

Freehand remains a good piece of design software for anyone designing websites, print media and for the creation of freehand vector drawings. It would be a great loss to the software market if this story continues to leave us absent of a reason for leaving out Freehand.

Who knows? Maybe Freehand will be sold to another distributor. Fingers crossed.