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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New report on pitching and appointing design agencies.

In a new report launched on 7 November 2005, following research undertaken with over 200 UK-based design agencies, it has been confirmed that free pitching is still rife among clients and agencies and is costing the UK design sector thousands of pounds in non-recoverable costs and an average of 12% loss of man hours per annum.

While this comes as no big surprise, one figure to emerge from these research results - and backed up by research into the client view on the same subject - is that over 25% of projects/tenders pitched for are not awarded after the pitch process.

The key reasons given by clients were change of marketing strategy, reduced budgets, change of mind and no chemistry established with agencies.

63% of agencies claim to have experienced this decision.

Both research reports with detailed responses and commentary can be found by visiting the BDI website at www.britishdesigninnovation.org or clicking on these report links:
The Client View
The Agency View