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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Million Dollar Pixel Homepages.

The concept
What if you set up a website called the Million Dollar Homepage which contained exactly one million pixels (the tiny dots that make up an image on a screen)? What if you then used that page as, in effect, an advertising noticeboard where advertisers can buy space at $1 per pixel? Each pixel goes to the advertisers homepage. And what if you told potential buyers that this is the first page of its kind, that it's going to become incredibly famous. This was the idea and concept started by student Alex Tew, Age 21 of Nottingham, UK.

What happened
The Million Dollar Homepage captured the imagination of advertisers and has now spawned dozens of copycat sites that will undoubtedly do nowhere near as well as Alex's. The reason for that is simple: the selling point of his page is that it was the first. In the first four weeks alone, Alex sold more than 300,000 pixels at $1 each.

Within the last few months, many new sites have sprung up around the idea of selling pixel adverts. Many of them doing very well like www.millionpixels.co.uk who believe that "Pixel advertising sites are regenerating an intrest in web desing. They're easy to create/maintain and because of this, people with little experience in website creation can make an effective and lucrative site for themselves." Like generating sponsorship for Charities, as in Mini Millions selling chocolate pixels for Children in Need.

We wish them all good luck and all you thinking 'Damn it! why didn't I think of that?'
Don't worry, your time will come.