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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Design sector is growing says new report

The Business of Design presents the most comprehensive picture yet of the UK's design industry.

It is based on national research, comprising nearly 2,500 interviews, and focuses on the sector's scope and economic significance, how its consultancies, freelances and in-house teams do business, and what education, training and skills its designers have.

As well as providing data on the size and make-up of the industry, the study probes attitudes to issues such as free pitching, the quality of new graduate recruits, overseas competition, business planning and the strength of links between practicing designers and education.

The research shows that the sector is growing and optimistic about rising revenues in future. But it also reveals that the industry is made up largely of small businesses which have been trading for less than three years and are facing increased overseas competition. It also exposes the lack of a long-term perspective among these businesses.
Source: Design Council